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"The Great Gatsby"

My summer reads

The title of the book:"The Great Gatsby"


The author: Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald


Level : Intermediate


Series : Macmillan Readers


The title ofthe book is "The Great Gatsby". To tell teh truth, I chose this book because of the plot. It is a life story, without happy end.


This book was written by Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald. He was born on 24 September. Francis was a great author, whose works were the paradigm writings of the Jazz Age. He wrote many short stories that treat themes of youth and promise along with despair and age.


"The Great Gatsby" tells us about the life of the great man. Mr. Gatsby had a very difficult life. He saw the War, his parents died. But the biggest disappointment in his life was the nonreciprocal love. Her name was Daisy. They loved each other, but suddenly she married another man. Mr. Gatsby's dream was over. The Great Gats died in loneliness, in his swimming pool.


I really loved this book, because it shows us the really meaning of happiness. On the one hand, Mr.Gatsby was very rich, but on the other hand he hadn't got his love. If I'm not mistaken,people should give thought to it.


Of course, I would recommend this book and hope that people would like it. In my opinion theme of the nonreciprocal love should be discussing.

Создан 21 мар 2011

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