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«Bridget Jones’s Diary »

my summer reads



The title of the book: «Bridget Jones’s Diary »

The author: Helen Fielding

Level: Intermediate

Series: Macmillan Readers


The title of my third book is «Bridget Jones’s Diary». I choose it for the real plot .This book gives us an opportunity to look at our every day life and analyze it.


«Bridget Jones’s Diary» was written by Helen Fielding. In fact, Helen got the idea for Bridget Jones from Jane Austen’s novel, Pride and Prejudice. Helen Fielding was born on 19 February 1958, in Yorkshire in the north of England. She is a very funny writer. In 2003, she was listed in The Observer newspaper as one of the fifty funniest people n British comedy.


« Bridget Jones’s Diary» is a very warm, funny story. Bridget Jones is a very light- minded girl. She, like other girls, wants to find her prince on a white horse. Bridget has a flat and job in London. She works in the publishing company. Bridget is sure that she is very unattractive and fat that is the main reason for her loneliness. She also does foolish things, and is terrible at cooking.


To tell the truth, it’s my favorite book! Every girl wants to be a princess and find her prince. Reading it we can analyze the mistakes made by Bridget and avoid them in our life.


I will recommend this book for everyone. It is very interesting and funny story, which is easy to read.

Создан 22 мар 2011

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