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« «A» is for Alibi »

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The title of the book: « «A» is for Alibi »

The author: Sue Grafton

Level: Intermediate

Series: Macmillan Readers



The title of the book is « «A» is for Alibi»- it is the first crime detection novel. To tell the truth, I chose this book because of the plot. It is detective and as for me I like mysterious.


This book tells us about the life of private detective- Kinsey Millhone and her dangerous work.  In this book Kinsley investigate the crime, which changed all her life.


To be honest, I liked all parts of this book. There was something new in all the parts. But most of all I liked the last part, called «The End of the Affair», because there were the most breathtaking moments. For example, chase. It was very interesting to read.

Sue Grafton’s father, C.W.Grafton, was a writer of mystery stories. From my point of view, her father’s style affected her and she began to write detective stories.


I really loved this book. It is very interesting and exciting to read. As for me, when I read it I fell all trials with the author. When I finished read it, I just can’t believe in the end of the story. I was very surprised.


To tell the truth, when I bought ««A» is for Alibi», I didn’t think that it will intrigue me. But now, I understand that it is one of the best detective stories I’ve ever read.


Of course I would recommend this book and hope that people would like it.

Создан 22 мар 2011

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