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« The Perfect Storm »

My Perfect Reads

The title of the book: « The Perfect Storm »

The author: Sebastian Junger

Level: Intermediate

Series: Macmillan Readers


The title of the book is «The Perfect Storm». Actually, I was very interested in the plot of the book. It made me buy that book.


«The Perfect Storm» is a true story about a terrible storm. The storm happened at the end of October 1991. It was the worst storm that people had ever seen. The storm badly damaged several boats and equipment too. It even destroyed a helicopter. The storm also destroyed homes and property on the land. This book tells us how it happened. Tells us about the people who were caught in the storm.


I was very impressed with this book. Many of the people who were caught in the storm were experienced fishermen. They had worked on fishing boats for many years and they knew sea well, but even this did not help them.


It made me think about many things. And «The Perfect Storm» gave me opportunity to overcome this tragedy with the people, who were there.


To tell the truth, this book fully lives up to my expectations. I was very excited.


Taking all these feelings into account, I would recommend this book. You will not regret it. I am sure.


Создан 22 мар 2011

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