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The Sign of Four

My Perfec Reads

The title of the book: « The Sign of Four »

The author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Level: Intermediate

Series: Macmillan Readers


The second chosen book was «The Sign of Four». Honestly, I heard a lot about that book, so I decided to read it. Briefly, it is a very popular book by Conan Doyle.


The books about Sherlock Holmes and his friend Doctor Watson tell us about amazing adventures and take us to the country of adventures. Actually this book is dedicated to the secret of the sign of four. Reading the book the reader together with famous Sherlock Holmes will try to unravel strange murders and events.


On the one hand, this book was very interesting and easy to read. But on the other hand, the end was too clear and expected. I would like to make up another end of the story, which will be more breathtaking.

To my mind this book can give us an opportunity to become a detective  like Sherlock Holmes or Doctor Watson. We can base our own theory. I think it can help us to develop our imagination.


To be honest, I thought that the end of the story would be more unexpected. But all in all, I liked «The Sing of Four».


Generally, when we read books, we relax. So, I recommend to read this one to relax and to have fun.

Создан 22 мар 2011

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